Meet the Maker: Hailey the owner & maker of Zerra & Co

The beauty behind almost our entire beauty collection is Hailey the owner and maker at Zerra & Co. 

She hand makes almost our entire line of zero waste beauty products. She is a dream to work with & her products are incomparable to any other on the market. With organic & vegan ingredients, she not only cares about what is going on your skin but also gives high priority to the sustainability of her packaging. Our orders always arrive 100% plastic free and we can’t help but reuse the beautiful packaging she sends her products in. 

With a background in computer science, Hailey never thought running a cosmetics company would be her ultimate calling. After deciding to minimize her waste in 2016, she found plastic free makeup swaps to be the hardest to find. Like most of us, she turned to DIY makeup first. However she quickly noticed a lot of her makeup was growing mold and irritating her skin. Frustrated, she started researching the chemistry of makeup. She realized that not only was “natural” commercial makeup far from it, but that also DIY plant based makeup wasn’t good for your skin either. After a year of research she launched Zerra & Co. A company that makes plant based cosmetics with low waste packaging and science backed formulas. Zerra & Co. carefully selects packaging and ingredients to craft clean cosmetics that work like the commercial products you know and love, without costing a fortune. Plus, every item is handmade in Baltimore, MD by people who are just as passionate about the planet as you are, so you can feel the love in every item.

Hailey’s zero waste, natural products that we currently carry (and are obsessed with): foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadowtinted lip balm, face masks, make up remover, botanical toner, bath salts & facial serum!
Must know facts about Hailey:
🌿Favorite food? “Oh goodness... Homemade lemon bars without a doubt”🌿Spirit Animal? “Probably a house cat (love being in the room with people, but 50/50 I actually want to interact with people)”
🌿Place you go to disconnect? “My patio garden. Surrounded by plants looking over Baltimore City with a cup of coffee is my favorite way to start my day.”


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