Meet the Maker: Katie the maker of Bee Hill Farm


When I first moved to St. Augustine, my personal low waste journey immediately began. I bought a bamboo toothbrush and that was just the beginning of a life long journey. I kept hearing about these amazing replacements for plastic wrap, a "beeswax wrap" and I almost ordered them from multiple sources. But something kept me waiting. The universe led me to the St. Augustine Amphitheater farmer's market and as I wandered through the sea of people peering at all the beautiful handmade goods and local produce my heart felt like it could explode it was so full from this beautiful community. And exploded. There was Bee Hill Farm, at the caboose of the market, with the most lovely display of local honey, handmade beeswax body products and...lord have mercy I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw their absolutely stunning hand made beeswax wraps.

Life could not be any sweeter with the Versaggi's in town. Every local knows and loves the entire family, can't get enough of their honey, and is in awe of their regenerative farming practices. Not only do they provide our county with the best honey anyone's ever tasted, they also offer seasonal organic produce, gorgeous bouquets and of course...the cutest little pollinators we could not live on this planet without. Katie & Joey work so hard to provide our community with the highest quality honey and produce and we are so beyond grateful to carry s few of their products in our shop! 

Get to know their queen bee, Katie:

"I moved to St. Augustine in 06' to go to Flagler College on a volleyball scholarship. After studying Elementary Education, I taught for a year or so then found myself working in the restaurant and catering business. I met my husband Joey in 2011 and a few years later we decided to start growing vegetables for us, family and friends. We enjoyed it so much we grew a little every year. We established the farm under the name Local Greens in 2013. That same year we jumped into beekeeping. Our 2 hives soon doubled and after the first year we were close to 15. Obviously honey is a great perk of beekeeping, but were so many other aspects of the hive that interested me. Beeswax, propolis, etc. After taking an online herbalist course I started making salves, balms, and tinctures all with products of the beehive. It was a great addition to our farmers market stand and I really enjoyed making them! Beeswax wraps soon came after. After weeks and months of testing new recipes I finally came up with one I thought worked and lasted! Now under Bee Hill Farm we are able to supply the St. Augustine area with honey from different seasons and locations. Beeswax products from salves to candles to beeswax wraps as well as fresh seasonal produce and now locally grown flowers with the lead of my sister-n-law Jordan."

Products we currently carry from Bee Hill Farm: honey, coconut lime lip balm, beeswax wraps sets and herbal itch relief. Find them every Saturday at the St. Augustine Amphitheater farmer's market where they sell the most beautiful seasonal bouquets, the freshest organic produce, and a luxurious variety of hand made goods such as candles, salves, balms, tinctures, beeswax wraps, and so much more! Thank you Katie and Joey for the incredible energy you bring to our community.. this town would not be the same without you!

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