The Do's & Don'ts of starting your zero waste journey

We know this will feel overwhelming at first so here are some do’s & dont’s as you go out into the real world with your beautiful new badass self!
DON’T: Feel overwhelmed
DO: Feel excited!
DON’T: Think this process takes 1 day, 1 week, or even a month.
DO: Think of it as a long term investment. This is a major adjustment, a daily practice & a difficult one that is "out of the norm" (until the big guys start to change the system) Take your time. Find something you are excited about. Start with 1 or 2 new items and start using them every day. Another good place to start is to go into in 1 room of your home. Make a list of everything that turns into waste or is packaged. Then, day by day go into a different room. look below the kitchen sink, in the refrigerators, the bathroom, laundry room, closet, pantry, kids room, in your car. This will give you the BIG picture & will really help your mind start to transition to thinking ZERO WASTE!
DON’T: Get upset at your grocery store once you start to notice all the waste & packaging they carry.
DO: Take that fire & start requesting more bulk food, less packaging! Have conversations with the employees, get them buzzing! They will fill their stores with what their customers want! Encourage them to carry the zero waste products you are looking for so you don't have to order them online.
DON’T: Feel discouraged or disappointed when you forget your jar, bags, straw, etc.
DO: Find new ways to remind yourself. Have 2 sets. Keep one in your car ALWAYS. Make these items a priority in your routine. If you forget them...think...Can you manage to simply carry your items without a bag? Do you really need a straw? Can you pass on the plastic utensils since you are taking your food to-go somewhere that has them? RETHINK EVERYTHING (woohoo!)
DON'T: See yourself above others or think less of others as your start your zero-waste journey if they aren’t on the same page as you.
DO: ENCOURAGE others, EDUCATE your family, friends & neighbors, be GENUINE but don't be pushy. Inspire others with your daily practice not by trying to force your ideas on them. We are all in this TOGETHER. This has to be a massive group effort or else we will not sustain life on this planet, so be BOLD & SMILE about the amazing impact you are having on our planet by starting to change your ways!

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