Community Compost

Welcome to our Community Compost!

We are so excited to announce our new community compost program located in St. Augustine, Florida thanks to a wonderful local non-profit, Epic-Cure who is on a mission to end food waste! Composting is an essential piece to creating a full circle economy and a vital part of a low waste lifestyle. Many people may not be aware, but organic material, i.e., food scraps & yard trimmings that are sent to the landfill take YEARS to break down. Because of the lack of oxygen, they are essentially being suffocated under tons of pounds of trash (non-organic materials). Even worse, as it is anaerobically (without oxygen) breaking down this way, it is releasing methane, a poisonous and very dangerous greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Up to 66% of all waste going into landfills is organic material, and 25-30% of that is food waste. We are here to help change that! By composting your food scraps and yard trimmings, you are diverting tons of organic materials from the landfill. Instead we are going to create nutrient-rich soil together to be used in our gardens in place of toxic fertilizers!  

Community Compost Program:

-Save your weekly food scraps & yard trimmings to be donated to our bins! Free soil will be available to participants as it becomes available (about twice a year). 

Drop-off options include:

  1. NEIGHBORS OF ST. AUGUSTINE SOUTH ONLY (does NOT include STA Shores): Sunday drop off at the clubhouse from 3-5p.m. Come meet other participants, swap garden tips and, check out the progress!
***Option for neighbors to get the combo to the lock to use at their convenience (after one meet n greet at the clubhouse to receive proper instructions)***
  1. Every Saturday at the Frog Song Organics booth from 8a.m.-12:30p.m. at the St. Augustine Amphitheater Farmers Market. Please have your bucket labeled with your name and number. 

Materials needed to participate:

-One 5-gallon bucket with a lid (can be purchased for $5 at your local hardware store). **If you are planning on doing the SAFM drop off, you will need 2 buckets.

What to expect after signup:

  • Weekly option to compost your organic material without any physical demands. Hand it over and let us do the “dirty” work.
  • Email full of information for a successful composting journey.
  • Print outs for your bucket of what to and what to not put into your compost bin.
  • Public Facebook group to ask questions, share inspiration and meet like-minded neighbors.
  • Bi-annual, free, nutrient-rich soil for your plants.
  • A beautiful community of eco-conscious, earth-loving, like-minded humans 

This program is completely free to participate in, but if you would like to make a donation to help with project costs we would be forever grateful! Send donations via Venmo @ZeroGoods, check made out to Zero Goods or cash at your next drop-off. We appreciate YOU!  

    There are no commitments, no cost, and no pressure to do drop-offs every week. All that we ask is that you PLEASE strictly follow the directions of what to and what NOT to put in your bin. This will directly affect the effectiveness of the compost and the quality of the end result soil amendment. 

    Want more info or to signup to participate in the program? Please email Cora at to get started!