Local Resources

We love our community with a passion! Daily, we are so inspired, beyond humbled and immensely  grateful for local businesses that practice regenerative farming and use organic methods for a sustainable future. Without businesses like these, we could never be redirecting towards a full circle economy. We must have healthy soil, healthy air and healthy animals to create unison on our planet. We are all apart of the chain of sustainability and we want to share with you a few local resources that we hope you will support! 

    • Frog Song Organics is an incredible local farm that offers delivery or CSA pickup all over the North East Region."Our mission is to provide nutritious foods to our local community. We believe sustainable farming can be possible with respect to our human, ecological and economic resources. We have been a certified organic farm since 2012 by Quality Certification Services." Head over to their website to sign up for their seasonal CSA and find a pickup near you https://frogsongorganics.com 
    •  Ben Wells Produce is a St. Augustine family farm founded in 1959. Another local organic farm that we LOVE and you can find weekly at the St. Augustine Amphitheater farmers market! They offer weekly (seasonal) bushel baskets or a custom delivery filled to the brim with the most beautiful, delicious organic produce that they generously deliver locally for free. Sign up for emails updates of their weekly bushel boxes on their website https://benwellsproduce.com 


    • We are so incredibly proud to have the opportunity to support the amazing family owned Pasture Life Farms. They began with a passion to reconnect their children to where their food comes from: "We had no idea where it really lived, how it had been raised, and why we had treated it like some inanimate object up until that point. The lightbulbs went off in our heads, we now understood why we had never felt truly "home" in any of our homes - we subconsciously had been longing for a different life." There farm was born in 2007:"It became more exciting by the day as we imagined creative ways to raise food simply by allowing nature to do what it does best and embrace its many perfect systems."
    Their Farmings Principles are what sets them apart from the rest and what has attracted our community to their pasture raised meat for years. Besides raising your own animals, they are the most sustainable option for an omnivorous diet. Check out their website to learn more about their farm and to order their pasture raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey products! They have weekly pickup locations all over Northeast Florida and can be found at markets all around Northeast Florida.  
    We would love to add your business to our local resources page if you think our sustainability visions align. Please reach out to Cora via email awastefreeamerica@gmail.com