Our story

Hey! I'm Cora, the owner of Zero Goods (previously The Big Green Initiative). I have lived by and played in the ocean since I was a baby and have always felt like I should be practicing a lifestyle that makes our planet a better place. My plastic free journey started in 2018 when I took the Plastic Free July Challenge that Changing Tides Foundation hosted worldwide. I successfully completed the challenge after realizing how much plastic was apart of my every day life...it was incredibly overwhelming. But I decided to look at the challenge as my new lifestyle and to start to slowly find alternatives to the plastic that was encasing the products I use on a daily basis. We started with bamboo toothbrushes followed quickly by a shampoo bar and a coconut husk dish brush.

This journey has been incredible and we are still learning how to live with less waste every day. I noticed a lack of plastic free alternative products in my town of St. Augustine and decided to open a pop-up eco-shop to bring my favorite products into more homes to tackle plastic pollution at the source. So, “The Big Green Initiative” was born in July of 2019! It has quickly grown into 3 fully stocked "micro-shops" on different sides of town located inside some amazing local businesses to give our community access to zero waste products 7 days a week. It has been an inspiring journey that led us to our online shop during these times of self isolation I want people to still feel hopeful and live with less waste. March 2020 we transformed into the beautiful butterfly that is Zero Goods! We are excited for what this year holds and are STOKED to have you on this journey with us.


Whether you’ve been apart our journey since day 1 or just finding  out about us today, we are grateful for all your support & know we are all on this together! Keep inspiring beautiful beings!