Sustainable Shipping

We want you guys to feel GOOD about every aspect of your order. We don't want  you to have to sweat over a giant, oversized box for a tiny order triple wrapped in plastic bubble wrap & make you remove wastefu plastic tape just so you can recycle the box. We believe in UPcycling, REcycling, and being AWESOME. So once you place your order, sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet piece of mind that your carbon footprint hasn't risen hardly a hair. 

OUR PROMISE to you: every order comes packaged in 100% recyclable, plastic free and compostable packaging. We use a range of sustainable, plastic-free packaging material when shipping your orders. We use paper tape to seal boxes. We use brown recycled cellulose (plant fiber) for padding and recycled paper to wrap delicate items like soaps. Sometimes you may even receive some a shredded sports section of the newspaper...we are accepting of all packaging types, depending on what comes our way this week.

If you see packing peanuts in your order, don't panic! They are 100% biodegradable and water-soluble (made of cornstarch!). Go ahead, have some fun...hold them under running water for to make magic.

We re-use and upcycle cardboard boxes when possible that we receive from our suppliers or are donated. Feel free to compost any of the packaging you receive from your order, composts LOVE carbon! If composting isn't your jam, we encourage to reuse, donate, build a fort, make costume or recycle your packaging to minimize waste and give it another life.